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December 28, 2019

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year! I always have loved New Years because it is like having a fresh start. I "clean my slate" from the year before and start new. Speaking of 2020, what is your resolution? I have already decided on mine; giving more of my time to God. I feel like the more time I give to the Lord each morning the smoother my day goes on. In Joel 2 : 12-13 it says, "Turn to me now while there is time. Give Me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning. Don;'t tear your clothing in your grief, but tear your hearts instead. " Return to the Lord your God, for He is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. He is eager to relent and not punish." So let's make this a group effort, beginning January 1st let's try to read at least a chapter a day of God's Holy Word. I hope that this will inspire and give hope to all of us. Don't forget to continue giving people the name of BBB and encouraging those struggling to submit a form for a box. You never now what one kind thing to do for someone. I love you guys and can't wait for the first update of 2020. 

By the way, I will start getting shirt orders very soon. 

December 21, 2019

Sorry I am posting so late today, talk about a busy week. Although it was crazy I was there were many blessings such as giving to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and today is my little sister birthday and we spent the weekend celebrating. I hope you all had a fantastic week and are looking forward to Jesus' birthday. This week instead of focusing on a self topic, we are going to talk about Christmas. I am 100% guilty of getting caught up in the things we as people are drawn too. Things like gifts, family, ornaments, tree lights, stockings, movies and much more. But none of these things would be here without the birth of our Savior. If you haven't read about the birth of Jesus, I would highly recommend you do so before Christmas morning comes. ( Luke 2 : 1-20 )  Reading this story will completely change how you see Christmas. I continue to pray for each and every one of you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Love y'all!!! 

December 14, 2019 

Only 11 days until Jesus' Birthday!! Only 17 days until 2020!! I am so excited to start a new year with with a fresh start! I don't know about you all but I have already decided on my New Year's resolution; I am going to really work on taking more time out of my day to spend in prayer and devotion. I often times find myself watching TV or taking a nap and after the fact I feel guilty because that hour or so I just spent doing what I want instead of using this time to be with the Lord. 

This weeks topic I really wanted to focus on being a servant of the Lord and not of the world. Ask yourself, on judgement day when we stand in front of the One who created us, are you going to be seen as a faithful servant? Matthew 25:23 says that all who are good stewerts of the Lord will share the master's happiness. Don't let the people around you define who you are, let the One who created you perfect in His eyes. You are loved, nothing you do will make the Lord not love you, just follow Him and you are set. Don't try to steer your life in the direction you want, let God steer you because He knows the perfect plan for your life. I love you all so much and pray that you have a great week. 

Don't forget to keep submitting B3 Box forms for those you know struggling. 




December 7, 2019

Hey! I hope you all had a great first week of December!! I cannot believe that there is only 18 more days until Christmas!! Speaking of Christmas, I am going to be helping at a church musical tonight. The musical is actually kind of what inspired me for this weeks topic, Salvation. The musical tonight goes through the birth of Jesus Christ, it is amazing to be able to see a reenactment of the Savior coming to this world. This leads me to ask you, Do you know Jesus as your Savior? If so how blessed you are to know that no matter what, through thick and thin you will always have someone to lean on. If not now is the time, don't waste a second on making the most valuable, meaningful, all around best decision of your life. I hope that if today is not the day you feel lead that soon, one day you will feel compelled to make the life changing design of Salvation. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. 

John 10:9 "I am the door. If anyone enters by me , he will be saved and will go in and find pasture." 

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