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February 22, 2020

How has your week been? Do we not get asked this question on a daily basis? I know for me personally this question is often times dreaded by my insides because I can never decide rather to make it seem like "I have had the picture perfect, God glorifying, people pleasing week" when really maybe I have had a hard week, a sad day here and there, a not so great week. It is so hard for us as a worldly people to tell the truth about the inner circle of our families. Why is it so easy to tell friends about the "goods" of your personal lives however, It is so hard to open up and tell others when you really are "not feeling it" or having a hard time? I never really understood this concept. That is what we are going to focus on this week. 

Finding the thankfulness in the hard times. Do you ever just really not want to explain your feelings? Do you ever just wish that you never had a bad day and you lived this magazine cover life? Guilty is 100% charged on me!!!! I find myself wishing and praying this upon myself quite often and it kills me to think again and realize that this thinking in not very Christian like of me. We are called to give God thanksgiving for the ups and downs. There is nothing that will ever happen to you that was not meant to be. God knows what and where we are going to go from this point in life. So, let's stop trying to live up to the fake standards of our world and start living for our God. I love you all so much and will see you all next week. 


- B3 Boxes need to be sent out, please please please let know if you have any ideas as to big groups, small groups, individuals who would benefit from a box!!!

- The last day to order BBB shirts will be this next Wednesday. After that day, the first order will be put in and I will not be taking more until the month of April. 

- Don't forget He calls you WORTHY!!!!




February 14, 2020 

Happy Valentines Day!!! As we sit today and eat all of our candy, chocolate, etc. I pray that we would not forget what this day really means. Not only do many people all around you love you, but the one who created you loves you more than any human could ever put into perspective. That statement to me is so crazy and hard to understand. Just imagine how much you love your family. I know for me personally I love my family more than I can explain, now picture that love you have 1000000 times greater, that is the Lords love for you. I got to say, that is a lot of love for a broken sinner like me. No matter how often we make mistakes, and sin against Him, he still loves us the same amount. There is absolutely nothing we can do to waver His love for us. In 1 John 4:7-8 the Bible states, "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." We are called to love of Father more than anyone and anything else on this earth. This is particularly hard for me especially because it is extremely hard to love something so much when you cannot see it. That is where my Faith and your Faith have to come into play. Faith is believing in something we cannot see, but knowing it is true because of His Word and overcoming  personal experiences that cannot be explained any other way but God. 

I love you all so much and pray that you have faith. Faith in the One who created you. Faith in the One who has redeemed you. Faith in the One who has chosen you. Faith in the One who has accepted you. Faith in the One who lives inside of you. Faith in the One who LOVES YOU!!!!

February 8, 2020

Hey!!!! I hope you all have had a blessed week full of exciting and uplifting days!! I have been looking foward to today for the past week and I am so glad I get to bring you all an update! I do not know about you all, but I have an exciting week ahead of me. I am starting with this upcoming Tuesday, I get to go and speak at a morning bible study in Tallapoosa. I am going to start by telling a short overview of my journey and end with how God is using my story just like he will use each and every one else's trials in some wonderful way. It says in Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still." This verse means so much to me and my recovery. Up until I read this verse and let it seep into my brain, I kind of brushed it off like one of those Sunday School verses that "every Christian kid should know and remeber" Now that I realize the true meaning of this verse, I look back and begin to see all those times I tried to take control. All those times I felt like I needed to control my food intake, my outward appearance, my popularity. Look where all that control ended my up, stuck in a very very hard position. Being in a hospital for two weeks followed by treatment for nine more, when I could have just "Let Go and Let God".  

Don't forget to send in those box forms and also if you are interested in a BBB shirt, the photo is on the home page. They are $15 a piece and I will stop taking orders on February 28th. I want you all to remember that I am praying for you on a daily basis. Please know if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to email me! I love you all so much and pray that you have a great week. Keep being a light!!



February 1, 2020

We are already in the second month of 2020. Can you believe this? I hope you all have had a fantastic week and have been looking forward to this weeks update. I don't know if you all saw, but I have started taking BBB shirt orders. If you haven't already seen them, I will put a proof of the two shirts under the home page, and if you are interested, please just email me with the color (grey or light purple) as well as the size (YS - XXL). They each cost $15. Thank you in advance for supporting Bounceback Beautifully. I also wanted to make it known that I have not been sending out many B3 Boxes lately. So, please if you know of anyone or any organization that which could benefit from having one, please let me know. Lets get into our lesson :

This week we are going to talk about a very commonly asked question, How do I know God's Will for me? I don't know about you, but I struggle with this question quite often. It wasn't until this past week when I was reading my Bible Study (Radiant By : Priscilla Shirer) that I finally heard and applied what God's Will for me really was. Whereas before, I was searching for a still, complete answer to this question. It wasn't until I read this that I learned, the answer is not going to blatantly stand out for us to see. There is no upfront answer to this question. The Lord calls us to live our lives according to His purpose and these things will be made known to us. When I stopped asking this question, I quickly discovered that His Will for me is to have this website. Just think, if wasn't for my struggles and trials with anorexia, depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. I would not be here today telling you all this. In fact, I probably would not have come to the conclusion last February that I needed to secure my salvation. Everything you have been through, and everything that is to come is for a reason. The good and the bad are all small puzzle pieces in God's perfect plan. Hang on and trust God, and He will bring you though. "Seek God's will in all that you do, and He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:6

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