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March 18

Heyyyyy everyone! I am so happy you decided to check in today and read an update! I have so much to tell you all because these past few weeks have been so busy for me (but definitely in a good way). I wasn’t able to update last week simply because life kind of slipped and before I knew it we were over the weekend but I’m back for good:). Let me start by telling you all how excited I am. So if you didn’t know, two years ago I started a mental health club at my high school (Stronger. Together. And. Never. Defenseless. / STAND Club ) that has since spread to a total of three schools in the county. It has been so cool to see the ways in which other students have gathered to learn more about not only their personal mental wellbeing but also that of their peers. My goal is to start the club at more schools especially before I leave for college next year therefore, as a way to bring the community in, we are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. It is open to my entire community and my hope is to just have local families come out for a good time and learn about STAND Club with the hopes of reaching other students and making them want it at their school.  It is going to be so much fun, just imagine, petting zoo, ice cream, snow cones, games, an Easter Bunny, and a huge egg hunt. All of this to say, I have been so busy stuffing plastic eggs lol because let me tell you it is an arm workout. But aside from the hassle and crazy planning, I know God is going to use it for such great things, and I cannot wait for next Sunday! 

I also had the opportunity to speak at University Of West Georgia this past Thursday. They asked me to sit on their panel for what they called an “open community question session” and I was so proud to have been asked as the only youth to sit on the panel. There were some great questions regarding mental health that I had not even thought about in a while. Overall, it was a great experience and I am so glad I got to do it. 

The last thing I wanted to update you all on, happened today actually. I ran a SPARTAN race. I certainly am not telling you all of this to brag but instead to glorify Christ. I know if you have been reading my updates for a while now, you know that I have been in anorexia recovery for five years now so this was huge for me. I never imagined God would have me where I am today with the physical and mental abilities I have been blessed with. I wanted to tell you all of this to allow you to see how powerful God is. He took me, a sick, severely underweight, malnourished, weak, child and turned me into someone powerful and strong. I want you to see that He is truly amazing. He can turn our lives completely around, and I am a walking example of that. Five years ago, I was sitting in a hospital room clinging on to life with an eating disorder voice controlling my life. And here I am today finishing first female in a Spartan race. This amazes me and opens my eyes to see the strength and love God has for me and you both. Life is hard, He doesn’t promise it to be easy but we can find rest in Romans 8 :28 my favorite verse ever, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Use this as encouragement, don’t be dismayed and do not fear the trials your facing, God is going to use them for growth and things you never imagined. I love you all so much and have a fabulous week! 






March 5th

Good afternoon! I pray that you have all had a great week to start the month of March. It blows my mind that we are already three months into the year 2023, that is 1/4 of the way. For me personally, this has been a jam packed week. Going all week long finds me with no choice but to be exhausted by the weekend and in major need of a reset or a big nap. Which is just what I did. I spent the weekend with my younger sister, and we had such a great time together. We see each other every single day, but it is so different to intentionally hang out and spend time together. We were able to talk, laugh, whisper, and as normal argue. We talked about things we don’t usually talk about and there were several instances we were able tog I’ve each other helpful advice. I truly love being an older sister and the responsibility that comes along with it. Every day, I see Saylor looking to what I am doing, she repeats what I say, does what I do, and acts just like me most of the time. Which is why I find it so important to be the. Best role model I can be. Now, I am not saying it can’t get annoying when she copies me or follows me everywhere I go however, it is a constant reminder that she watches every move I make. It is so important to me to be the best version of myself while being as real and raw as possible with her. I tell her my struggles but also share my triumphs therefore, she feels comfortable sharing hers as well. It creates a safe place where she doesn’t feel like she has to be perfect 24/7 but it is okay to mess up and fail sometimes. I am truly blessed to have the relationship I have with her and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I say all of this to say, you never know who is watching. Even if you cannot name a singular persons, I can promise you at least one other being is looking up to you. They are watching your every step in hopes to be like you one day. This should be a little nerve wracking but it should also serve as encouragement to set the best possible example at all times. Now I am certainly not saying you should be perfect because as we all know, we are the furthest things from perfect. However, it should give you the strength to turn your falls into a lesson for yourself and those eyes watching you. Use your mistakes as a way to boost your future, to teach you right from wrong and to allow you to see the power of Christ. I really hope this brings you all some insight on the fact that your actions and words all make an impact on more than just yourself. Stay positive and be strong for yourself, do not ever loose hope but instead use it to become even stronger. I love you all so much and will talk to you next  week. 

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