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October 31, 2021

Good morning and Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you have all had a good weekend so far and have been looking forward to todays update. I feel like lately there has been so many sick or hurting people. It feels as if everyday I hear about someone else who is going through a hard time. Therefore, I decided for today's lesson to focus on trusting God in the midst of difficult times. It is so common as Christians for us to doubt or question God when we are hit with hard trials. Whether it be a relationship issue, a sick family member, the death of a loved one, or so many others issues, we often find ourselves asking God the famous question of "WHY?" Why my family? Why my friend? Why right now? We get so hyper focused of asking why something is happening that we forget the reason God has us facing these trials. When in reality we should be asking "WHAT?" What does God want me to get from this? What does He want me to do with this story? This is something I really struggled with when I was in the midst of my eating disorder. I got so disappointed in God because I didn't understand why I had to be the one to go through this. It was not until I began to see the other side that I realized God had so much in store for my life beyond the eating disorder. I mean just think, this website wouldn't be a thing without the trial me and my family faced that year of 2018. 

Life is not predictable. We have no say in what is going to happen during our lives here on Earth. There is going to be ups and downs as we walk through and it is going to be so much easier to trust God when we are in those ups of life. However, I trust should be greater than ever when we find ourselves in the valleys of life. When times feel difficult and impossible we must remember God's unchanging love and care for you and me. He is the study foundation when life leaves us shaking. 

To trust in God, we have to believe in His truth, ability, strength, and love. God cares so much about our feelings and circumstances, in fact He wants us to make those known to Him. Yet, those two things alone are not enough to base the remained of our lives on. They are ever-changing but God is constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Trusting is living with belief and obedience to Christ even when we face difficult times. SO I challenge you to stop focusing on the circumstances and look into future. 

I pray this lesson helps you grow and gain an appreciation for the difficult times in life. I love you all so so much and hope you have an amazing week! 



October 24, 2021


     Hey everyone! Welcome back and thank you for checking in for the newest update. I pray that you have all had a week full of growth and happiness and plan to continue this into the next week. I have been thinking about what I wanted to update on this week and it wasn’t until a post came up on my Instagram feed that read “Only 70 more days until 2022”. Now I’m not sure if the same is for you, but when I read these words I immediately felt a rush of panic. Between the fast approaching holidays and idea of starting a fresh year, I have to remind myself to take a step back. Our minds get going and before we know it they are overflowing with thoughts, ideas, ambitions, and so much more. When this occurs, we loose sight of the God who provides. He gives peace, comfort, and reminds us multiple times throughout the Bible to trust in Him and His timing. 


     Therefore, this week I want to focus on distress. This word can mean many different things ranging from family issues all the way across the spectrum to school or career decisions. Whatever the situation is, I think we can all agree that having feelings of distress is not ideal or very comfortable. Now I am here to brighten up this word and let you know that in these times of distress, it is a perfect time to call upon God. He understands and is here to help us through these trying times. Nowhere does Christ promise it to be easy, but I am here to assure you that ANYTHING is possible with God. He has a special plan and you and me and that plan is nothing we could ever comprehend. We must set all of our trust in His hands and find peace in His flawless timeline of our lives. While we are in the midst of these times we must find confidence in the fact that we will be delivered, we are loved, and that ever speed bump in our way is only put there to make us better and stronger. God doesn’t expect us to do it alone, in fact we cannot. It is impossible to live a life of Christ by yourself. Put your trust in him and all will be taken care of. 


     I hope this will bring some light into your night and allow you to come into a new week with a different mindset than before. I love you all so much and thank you for following up. Please continue to submit box forms (See the BBB Boxes tab on the home screen) for those in need. Have an amazing week! 


October 16, 2021


Good afternoon! I hope you have all been doing well. These past few weeks feel like they have been swept away. This past week was Fall Break for us and me and my family took a vacation out west. We were able to see so much that pictures cannot come close to describe. Canyons, deserts, mountains that are are only possible by God. It is amazing and eye opening to see what God has created and put on this earth. 


This week I want to focus on patience. I know it is not just me that feels like we so often get distracted by worldly situations that we forget that our whole lives are a play through of God’s perfect plan for us. We get carried away by school, jobs, friends, and everyday activities and we loose sight of our real meaning or purpose in life. Now I’m not saying these things are not important because by all means Christ wants us to enjoy our lives here on earth. He wants us to be involved and have relationships however we are called to remember our main purpose is to spread His word and make Christ more known through our words/actions. 


This can be so difficult when we find ourselves surrounded by stressful and what seem to be life changing decisions and trials. Maybe it’s a sick family member or waiting on a job interview. It could be a sport tryout or upcoming band competition that you just want to be out of the way. Whatever the time is, we have to find peace in comfort in God’s timing. We have to wait, sit back and think about the fact that we only see a small portion of our lives. Whereas God sees it all. Every second of everyday He has planned accordingly. So while we are here on this earth awaiting healing, acceptance, perfection, etc. We must keep in mind that God knows exactly when is right. And even though we may thing our idea is correct, everything that happens is in the Hands of God. 


This can bring lots of different emotions up. Anger, discomfort, distrust, and many others. As sinners we convince ourselves that we know exactaly when, where, why, and how something is going to happen. I am 100% guilty of begging God to make something happen when in the grand scheme of things, He is the only one that knows just the right time. Many have been waiting for answers for what feels like ages and often times these people loose hope and begin to doubt God and His abilities. When in reality this is just God testing our patience and trust in Him. This is the perfect time to pray and ask Christ for peace in these unwavering times. 


I come here today to say that no matter the current struggle you are facing or maybe the struggles ahead, God is in control. Nothing we can say or do can change the plans He already has in place. I encourage you to find peace and comfort in the idea that you don’t have to worry about what is ahead because it is already set in stone. Now just let God walk you through. He doesn’t promise it to be easy or comforting, in fact it says in Habakkuk 3, “The father steady me when life and the path before me seem unsure and rocky.” Yet there is hope in Him, “So I will rest in Him because He is my confidence.” Don’t give up, be patience and remember you are never alone! 

October 3, 2021

Good afternoon! I hope you all have had a great day and have been looking forward to today's update. First off can we just look at the fact that we are already in October? This just blows my mind, I feel like yesterday we were celebrating New Years. God has had a lot in store for us this year and I know He has much more awaiting. Today I want to focus on something that hits really close to home with a lot of people. That topic is mental health in general. Some don't agree but I wholeheartedly believe that everyone struggles with their mental health at some point or another. While yes, it manifests and is to different degrees, each person living on this earth has dealt with some sort of mental uncertainty or questions. I mean let's be real, we have feelings of anxiety daily, sometimes about small things such as a math quiz and other times what feel to be life altering anxieties like relationships. No matter how big or small, anxiety and mental health is something everyone can relate to if they just apply themselves. 

It was totally a God thing, this morning I started to stress a little (there it is, my daily worry:)) about what this weeks update would focus on. As I was getting ready for church I just kept changing my mind. I wanted to talk about something everyone could benefit from but didn't have any idea what that thing was. Until we got to church, I looked up on the big screen and saw that the sermon for this morning was "What Does the Bible Say About Mental Health?" To say this lesson is incredible is an understatement. I really felt God speaking to me and applying my situations to every word the pastor said. So immediately I knew I could use the Sunday lesson as a backboard to my update. So below I am going to walk you through my notes that I took. I would encourage you to watch the sermon linked below if any way possible but if not, please at least read though the main takeaways and see what God is saying about your mental health: 

Click on the attached link,

- go to the "watch" tab

-scroll down and hit "watch past services" 

-click on the series titled "what does the Bible say about"

- watch the sermon from today titled "Mental Health" 


 •The Word of The Lord is Astonishing 

- Proverbs 4 : 23 

- God's words to us are perfect, forevermore, soul changing, wise, and most importantly HEART REJOICING 

   - We must guard our hearts from the false assumptions of the world and find peace in those truthful thoughts from ABOVE

•WE ARE : 

1.  Physically Embodied 

- Christ provides us with a physical body and He expects us to take care of this gift God has given 

- Nutrition, proper exercise, sleep, and so much more play a role on our bodies well being

- If we look over the big problems and try to cover them up temporarily, the root of the issue will only get larger 

2. Socially Embodied 

- We were put on Earth with others for a purpose 

- God calls us to be one with our community and help each other in times of need

- Depend on one another and grow in your spiritual walk together

- God doesn't expect us to do it alone

3. Spiritually Embodied 

- God never intended life to be a walk in the park

- We cannot blame all of our hardships and trials on our spiritual warfare. 

- We have to remember the gift of repentance, forgiveness and God's unwavering sovereignty.  

• God has been and continues to use our battles and suffering to change our hearts. He is molding us into His final product. We must accept this hsoul change and use it for His glory. We need to take our struggles directly to God and change our focus from self to God! I love you all so much and pray this sermon and notes will encourage you! 


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