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December 27, 2020

Good morning everyone! I pray that you all had a restful and enjoyable Christmas. Can you believe this is my last update of 2020? That just blows my mind. 2020 has been a year of ups and downs. In one sense I am glad it went by quickly just because of COVID but at the same time I feel like we missed out on so much because of the quarantine and such. However I know and trust that God has great things in store for us in the upcoming year of 2021. I don't know about you but this year I have really struggled with finding hope. Sometimes I don't even recognize that I am without it. Maybe your favorite football team has no hope of winning or maybe you have no hope of passing your math test. For me it has been feeling like there is no hope that life will ever return to its normal. But really, what is normal? I sometimes find myself thinking that there will never be life without masks again or without social distancing. However, I always try and remind myself that when we trust in the one and only living Christ, we have a living, breathing hope. 

If you have your bible with you, turn to 1 Peter 5 and read it. After reading this passage, do you see how Peter gave out three examples and references to his experience with Christ as his savior. Peter then uses these examples to encourage the elders to be humble and willing Shepards. To go out of their way to be working servants of the Lord. To not be anxious or worried but to guard against the devil. Peter then went on the explain to the Shepards his past history with Christ. Things such as being commisioned to care for the sheep, his watching of Christ's sufferings, how he watched Christ wash the disciples feet. Overall, by doing all of this, Peter just wanted the Shepards to realize how sufficient Gods grace is. So in conclusion, we need to remember and implant into our minds that no matter the situation, God will confirm, protect, strengthen, restore, and establish us despite our sinful nature. 

What now? 

Try these things: 

1. Be faithful to "feed" those around us. (Supply the life changing news of Christ's return) 

2. We must be aware and ready because satan is waiting for his next turn to strike. 

3. We need to be HOPEFUL in knowing that God has everything under control. 

And last, we need to humbly serve others around us in love and compassion. 

I pray that this weeks update will give you and new mindset as we prepare for a fresh start. No matter what our lives are about the be faced with, we must remember that God will and has already gotten us this far in life and He will continue to do just that. I love you all so much! 

December 19, 2020

Good afternoon! Today is a really exciting day for many! Only five more days until Christmas!!! Are you excited? I've been so anxious to update my website this week because it will probably be one of the last before the new year. I know that while some of us might be excited about a fresh start, these holiday seasons can bring anxiety and stress upon many. For some, the thought of starting over is worrisome because maybe you just got to a place in your life you finally feel comfortable. But there is hope, there is good news. Just think, the Lord allowed you to be here another year which means He has big plans for you in the coming weeks! When we look at the pig picture of life, we must understand that God is and will always be in control. While yes we have government officials, teachers, coaches, and parents, God is ultimately the leader of our lives. He is in charge of each and every event that takes place here on Earth. So this must bring us peace and excitement about the future, however it is ok to be nervous too. 

Quick switch of ideas but I just remembered something I read about this Wednesday before youth group. I don't know about you but I have heard the Christmas story many many times. I mean honestly sometimes when we go over it in church I tune out because I think I "know everything there is to know". However, every time we read something, whether it be a book, an advertisement, or a verse each time you reread it you take something new away from it. I didn't really realize it until this Wednesday, I had just gotten home and I picked up my bible to tab where we would be reading from that night at church. When I opened up my bible, it happened to be on Matthew chapter 2. If you haven't already, I encourage you to go do a quick run though of this chapter. 

Ok! Now that we are all on the same page let's dive into this word. As you can see in this passage, thoughout every turn that occurs in the story of Christ's birth, God overrules the others. The world we live in today is much like the chaotic times back when Christ was being born. We get so worried and anxious about the future that we can hardly see the present. And I am 100% guilty of having times I just can't seem to fully trust a God I cannot see. However we must remember that He is in control and in Him lies peace and understanding. God came here to bring us inner peace and comfort no matter what circumstances we are facing.


So as we get even closer to these special days, I challenge you to really think and remember who is ultimately in control of the situation. Don't let your fear and anxiety take over the enjoyment God calls Christmas to be. So lets gather together and celebrate the birth of the REAL, HOLY, ONE AND ONLY, King. Jesus Christ! 



December 14, 2020


Can you believe it 10 days until we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! This seems so surreal to me. I feel like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year and now we are getting ready to end this year. Let’s dive right into today’s lesson: 


When we go though the hope and grace God supplies for us, we get similar desires to do give this other people. I want you to all read Matthew 28 : 16-20 

 This passage tells us how after Jesus was resurrected he came upon the disciples and asked commanded them to go out and share the great news. Just as He did the disciples, God is calling us to do the same. When we feel and experience the never failing love of Christ, our lives are changed forever. After accepting Him as your savior it is only natural to have a drive the share His Word with others. It should become something you want to do, something you thirst to do. Not something we have to do or are being forced to do. It’s a natural response to the love of God. 


Everyone makes recommendations right? Maybe you recommend a store or book, or maybe you asked for a recommendation from someone else. This is because when someone else finds happiness in something, we want the same for ourselves. So why don’t we do this with the greatest joy anyone can receive? If we fully rely of Gods guidance, He will show us exactly when, where, and how to share His word. I pray that this helps you all this holiday season spread the greatest gift of all time. I love you  all so much and can’t wait to see you next week! 


December 4, 2020


Hey y’all! I cannot believe it is already December 4th. Which means only 21 days until we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, only 21 days until we get to gather with our families, sing together, eat together, and most of all praise together. I don’t know about you but this year seems different than all my past Christmas’s. However, it’s in a good way. People are decorating early and trying to get into the Christmas Spirit. I think that with all this COVID junk that people just want a second to break free and focus on something that brings almost everyone joy. To get to the point, this week I wanted to talk about how God is always wanting, waiting, and willing to listen to our needs. As humans, we often times struggle with asking for help. I know I certainly do, wanting to act as if I am perfect on the outside when really my insides are twisting and turning. Fortunately, we have a king who wants and begs for us to come to Him with all of our needs. Read Matthew 11 : 25 - 27. 


Who does God reveal Himself too? 

Why does giving to the weak and needy please God? 

Do you work out of your own power or out of the power Christ gives us? 


God choses you, we don’t choose Him. He wanted you from the beginning, before you were ever thought into existence He knew you would soon be His. Now read verses 28 - 30. 


What does Jesus tell us to do? 

What is He offering us? 

Are you willing to give him your burdens and walk next to Him? 


God already knows your issues and struggles, but this does not mean He doesn’t want to hear them strait from your mouth. Think about it this way. If you had a friend that was going through something extremely difficult, would you rather them come to you for help or ask another friend to ask you for advice? I know that I would want that friend to feel comfortable enough to come strait to me and ask. As you continue this journey here on this earth, as we encounter anxiety, depression, excitement, anger, and much more, let’s remember the simple yet so complex words God tells us all, “Come To Me.” I love you all so much and be on the lookout for next weeks update! 

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