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May 29, 2021


Good morning everyone! I pray that you all had a successful past week. I know for many it was the last week of school which means summer here we come!! This idea of summer break, no school, sleeping in, etc can be extremely exciting for many. Lot’s of students and adults look forward to these next few months when we can take vacation and pretty much just relax. However, we must be sensitive to the fact that for some people, this idea of summer break can bring stress, anxiety, depression, or fear. We never know the experiences or current situations of those around us unless they decide to share their personal struggles. I know for many, this time period is a struggle. A time of anger or maybe they are overcome with panic. I know that everyone reading this today has felt these emotions before. So, today we are going to discuss God’s plans. You probably already know that all of the plans God has for your life are meant for good. This can sometimes sound cliche because we as humans are faced with difficult times often. I don’t know your life, but I do know that it maybe hard for you to believe that a God with good intentions would ever plan for you to go through the life you are living. But, what if this is just our perception? Maybe God’s definition of “good” is different than yours and mine. When we read Romans 8 :28, we can get an idea of what God’s “good” looks like. I know for me when I think about good times my mind immediately escaped to thoughts of success, being comfortable, and just peace. 


If God’s plan is to make us more like Jesus then we have to expect these hard trials. Jesus went through pain and suffering and we will too. Jesus’ life is full of testing times therefore, we are to accept our trials and use them to grow rather than try and escape them. God doesn’t waste anything. All of the suffering we go through is part of His molding and shaping us into who we will become. God isn’t going to save us from trials, He is going to transform us through them. I know Go0d has used my trials to make me who I am today and I fully trust that He is doing the same in your life as well. God redeems suffering. He wants us to use the good and bad times for His glory and our good. So don’t become discouraged when things come at you face first. Maybe it’s a diagnosis, a test, a career, a relationship. Remember, no matter the trial God sees you and is going to make you stronger through it.


I pray that you would allow this all to sink in and use it. I know God is turning you in to something amazing. Something we as humans cannot even put into perspective. Don’t give up. Keep being you and ask for help where help is needed. I love you all so much and stay positive. 





May 23, 2021 

Good morning! I pray that you all had a great week and are looking forward to a new one. I know for many this is the last week of school so that is something to look forward too. Summer here we come! I do however want to remind you that this doesn't mean a break from everything. Summer is a great opportunity to work on your relationship with friends, family, and most importantly Christ. Summer can also be a time when we really go out on a limb and don't always make the most mature choices. As we hang out with friends and go places, we forget who we are living for. We get so caught up in the moment that we loose sight of the example we are setting. 

It happens extremely often that we as sinners try and push the limits of the things we know not to do. We try and convince ourselves that it's "not too bad" or "could be worse". We live these lives of seeing how far or how much we can quietly "get away with" without stepping over that line of sin. When in reality having this mindset is a sin in itself. You don't want to be seen as someone who flirts with sin. We need to change our focus and try to stay as far away from sin and the devil as much as possible. So I challenge you to change your focus. Read these four verses and let's talk about what God says about these situations. 

1. Psalms 27:4 - God knows our heart, He knew yours and mine before we were every conceived. He wants our hearts to long for a closer relationship with Him. He wants us to seek Him constantly. 

2. Proverbs 16:2 - Our actions play a large part in who people perceive us to be because as humans we can't seem past our outward appearance unless we get to know someone. Yet, God looks into our motives behind everything we do, say, and think. So ask yourself before you act, Why?

3. Psalms 139:23-24 - Living on this earth, I constantly find myself focusing on world things. People, places, and distractions that in the grand scheme of things don't matter. When in reality our sole focus should be to grow closer and build a stronger relationship with Christ. 

4. 2 Timothy 2:22 - We need to get away from the dangers and persuasiveness of sin and carry out the desires of God. 

As all these scriptures point to, Christ gives us overflowing support that our main focus should not be trying to push the limits just far enough but more importantly, being 100% committed to doing all things in a way that glorifies and reflects God's greatness. Now ask yourself,

How week are my actions DRAWING me closer to God? 

Are my ways of living pleasing to the Father? 

Our desire should not be to push the edge of what we think is "okay". Instead God wants us to make designs that draw us closer to His obedience. I hope this week's lesson will be applicable to you and as we reach the start of summer, you will focus of living our Christ and His righteousness. I love you all so much and am so very proud of how far everyone has come. Have an amazing week and come back on Sunday! 



May 16, 2021

Hey everyone! I am so glad you all came back to read this week. I have been thinking and praying all week about today because I couldn't seem to decide what I wanted to talk about but then when I sat down this morning and started to plan it out, I knew exactly what it needed to be. We as youth and adults find ourselves so often comparing our inner and outer appearances to the rest of the world. However, what we forget is that nothing anyone on this earth thinks about doesn't matter when you compare it to what God thinks and sees off you. the Bible states in many scriptures that God thinks some amazing and incredible things about you. 

I'm not going to lie, Living in todays world is hard. We are constantly being put down and hit with what different people think about you. It might be your closest family, some distant friends, or even complete strangers. As humans we must remember that we are going to constantly hear negative things about yourself. Your too short, too tall, too shy, or too overbearing. It is impossible to live a life without hearing other peoples opinions of you. But we must be careful about what we allow to stick or become engraved in our minds. 

Every person you come in contact with is going to have a opinion of some sort. We must remember over all of this that God's opinion is the only thing that really matters or counts. So let's dive in and see what God really thinks about you. Below is a list of verses I encourage you too read in order to see God's personal opinion of you. 

- Exodus 14:14 (God believes that you are worth fighting for)

- Ephesians 2:10 (You are Gods perfect showpiece)

- Romans 8:37 (You are greater than a conqueror)

- Jeremiah 31:3 (You are accepted and loved evermore)

God doesn't need us. He is flawless and complete without us however he wants you and me. He didn't need to sacrifice His only son so that we would be forgiven yet he loved us so very much that He wants to be with us forever. I encourage you to try your hardest to be kind. You never know how the look you give someone or this small comment you make is going to impact another person. God calls us to love each other and be sources of strength not weakness. I love you all so much and remember you are perfect in God's eyes. He wants YOU. Have a great week and let me know if I can do anything for you! 




May 9, 2021 

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a fantastic week and are looking forward the week that is too come. I have been praying for each and everyone of you daily and I know God is doing a work in your life. This week since it is Mother's Day, I wanted to focus on the topic of love. However, not just anyones love, the love of God A love that surpasses all else, a love that nothing else in this world can even compare too. A never-ending, never leaving, constant love greater than our own minds can comprehend. 

One thing the Bible states that we should forever have engraved in our minds is that God is love. Everything about him represents and sheds love upon all who come across it. Read 1 John 4 : 7-11. God's love is so much greater than anything else. He loves us so much that He sacrificed His one and only son; Jesus Christ to die on the cross. Therefore, we are called to love on another. It's is impossible for us as humans to come close to the amount of love God has for each individual however, we can try as hard as possible. Now read Psalm 103:8. God's love has many descriptions and characteristics. This verse states that his love is merciful, gracious, slow to anger, and overflowing in mercy. All of the traits God shows refer back to His abounding love. 

God's love is flawless. It is perfect and never changing. It is constant and will never end. His love will never run out but continue to grow. God will never stop loving you and me and no matter what we do as sinners, nothing can take God's gift of love away. Love is a choice. I have always thought it as more of an emotion but if you think about it, we choose to love. God chose to love you not because he had to but because he wanted to show His grace towards us. Because God loves us, he calls us to love others as He does. Love is not something anyone can define. In fact it is extremely complicated so, the easiest and most efficient way to know what love looks like is to think about Jesus' life. 

When we read about the life of Jesus in the Bible, we can see that Jesus is the talking, walking, and touchable picture of God. Showing us what he does and how he loves. We must remained focused on Jesus in order to gain the knowledge of how to love. Before Jesus was crucified on the cross He was with his disciples for over three long years. Teaching them how to love others by shedding His love on them. Before He died, He left the disciples with one job. Read John 13:34-35. Jesus commanded them to love one another and He commands you and me to do just the same. 

So I encourage you starting this Mother's Day to practice showing God's love. Start by showing this to the mother figure in your life. Maybe it's your biological mother, adopted mom, grandmother, or just female role model in your life. Express how thankful you are for their guidance and shower them with love along with all others you cross paths with. Not just today, but today forward. I love you all so much and pray that this weeks lesson would really speak to you. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday! 





May 2, 2021


Can you believe it’s already May? I have a really hard wrapping my mind around the idea that we only have a few more weeks of school not to mention only six more months of 2021. This year has gone by so fast and I cannot decide if I like that or not. How do you feel about it? Anyways let’s get to the point. How are you? Have you had a good week? I wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and your growth. I know and fully trust that God is pulling you closer to Him through this trial you are currently facing. He is right by your side and never going to leave or forsake you. I encourage you to read this weeks lesson with me. It’s going to be so good, so let’s dive in.


Each and every person on this earth has days when they wake up and can only point out the “negative” things about themselves. We all have those days that we don’t absolutely love the person looking back in the mirror. But we must remember that God is helping us grow and accept the unique person He has created you to be. Instead of pointing out the physical characteristics, let’s take a look at your greatest strengths and who you are under your skin. 


Read Joshua 1:9, God commands us to strong and courageous. This means that we should not let any fear of rejection or any nerves we may have sway us from doing the right things. We are called to not be scared or afraid of any circumstances because God is with us through it all. I want you to try and memorize Luke 18:27. This verse says “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” God has equipped you and me to jump face first into those unknowing situations and to come back with a greater understanding of His protection and promise. 


Now you may be asking, how do I live out what I just read? How am I supposed to live without being afraid of what is to come. But the reality is we are human, we are always going to have that obstructive voice (satan) in the back of our minds trying to deter us from doing what’s right. We must pray during these situations. Pray that God would give you the strength to shut that useless voice out of your head and allow you to focus on the truth. I know that YOU are brave enough, strong enough, worthy enough, and overall prepared enough that God is going to use you in miraculous ways. Just trust Him and His timing. 


I love you so much and hope this weeks update really encourages you to be more like Christ even if that means standing out. I want you to know that I am always here for you and my email is wide open for any questions, comments, and concerns you might have. Thank you so much for all your support and I will see you next Sunday! 

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