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February 27, 2024

Why do we go through difficult times? Why does God make us face hard trials? Why do "bad" things have to happen? Why do we have to lose loved ones so soon? Just a couple of the questions many of us find ourselves asking when caught in the midst of a personal battle. It is so easy to get our minds wrapped around the question of why? We bombard our minds trying to figure out an answer when the truth is, we don't need an earthly answer. We have something so much better. A never leaving, firm standing, forever promised answer and even though that answer may not be revealed yet, we should find peace in knowing who the ultimate answerer is; God. 

If only we could shift our focus to start asking "what" instead of "why". What does God want us to use are battles for? In what ways have we been called to use our testimonies to make kingdom impact? It is when we have a change of perspective that the truth of God's purpose begins to shine. This certainly doesn't make our struggles easier or quicker to end but it does give us the "light at the end of the tunnel" to know that this is not God's end goal for our life. Now you are probably thinking, it's easy to say when you're not right in the eye of the storm. which is 100% true however, You and me both are proof of this fact. Think back to your last big trial, maybe it was sickness, divorce, loss of a friend, or separation and now I want you to think about where you are now. What good has come out of that situation? Have you witnessed a support group gather around you? Have you felt the love of the Lord encompassing your body? And if you really can't think of anything, look at the fact that your struggle has led you here and now you most definitely have a someone here to support you (ME).


God has a greater plan that we can not see. Imagine a puzzle, they have many many pieces and you are not able to see the big picture until all pieces are perfectly placed. Well, our lives are similar to that of a puzzle except, God isn't playing guessing game like we often to, God is carefully placing each piece with purpose. Trust God's process, through the thick and thin, the highs and lows, God will always be directing our paths. We must set aside all else and trust that He will bring us through fire time and time again, giving us more strength each time.  I pray that this update will help you push through whatever it is you're currently facing. Please know that I am ALWAYS here for you and never hesitate to reach out if you need a friend, a prayer, or just someone to talk to. Also, quick reminder if you 6th-12th grade and are in the West Georgia area I would love to see you at the Radiant Teen Conference this Saturday. I am super excited to be speaking and cannot wait for this amazing, moving night the Lord has made possible.  To sign up it is only $10 includes a gift bag and pizza, copy and paste the link below in your browser. If you're wanting to attend but cost is an issue, please reach out to me via email and we can work it out:). Love you all so much and have a strong, powerful rest of your week!

February 16, 2024

Good afternoon and Happy Late Valentines Day! It is so weird to think that we are already halfway through the second month of 2024. My mom used to always tell me that “the older I get, the faster time will fly”. I didn’t think this was true until these past couple of years. Like I swear just yesterday was 2019 and we were being put into quarantine for COVID. That being said, I am so thankful for how far I have come since then and I am sure you have things to be proud of as well. Let’s be honest, we have all grown in one way or another. Through both the ups and downs in this life, you and me both have found more of who we are since 2019. Sometimes it can be hard to look back and reminded on the past. It can bring back memories that maybe aren’t the best, it can trigger trauma, make you miss loved ones even more, and just be difficult at times. However, I find it also to be so healing to reflect on life up until this point. I like to so a sort of side by side and compare who I was then to who I am now. With that being said, there are both positives and negatives, gains and losses but this is where we learn and grow. Being able to reflect on how our past has shaped us, opens the doors for you and me both to discover new takeaways and possibly use our prior victories and battles to impact others. 

Let’s try something, I want you to close your eyes and think back to around Valentines Day of last year. Do you remember where you were, who you were around, and what you were doing? To be honest, I had to look back at my camera role but that’s okay too. Just get a good idea of what you were doing. Now I want you to grab a piece of paper and write down five things you remember about that span of time. Good and bad anything you can think of. What were your worries about? What were you looking forward too? I will share my example. I was just finishing my sophomore year of swim already excited about my senior season, I was extremely anxious about my brother preparing to go off to college, and I was proud to have just recently gotten my group fitness certification. Now this is where the crazy part comes into focus. Looking at my life today, I ended up not trying out for swim at all my senior year and picked up new hobbies such as CrossFit and shockingly reading, my brother is now more than halfway through his first year of college and is doing amazing, and my love for teaching group fitness has grown and led me to look for ways to be able to coach when I go off to college, This goes to show that even if you have had a year of struggles, ultimately  we have all gained something in the process. It is vital that when your feeling down you take the time to reflect and regain focus as to who you have become. It is easy to get so caught up in the present that we forget to be proud of how we have grown. Never forget Jeremiah 29:11, God knows the plans He has for You. Plans to prosper You and not to harm You, plans to give You hope and a future.”



February 9, 2024

Hey!! I am so glad you came back to check out the latest post! I have been going back and forth trying to decide on what to write about this week and then today it came to me. My high school has a program called the "Closet Of Kindness", it is basically a prom shop for students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to get a dress, shoes, makeup, etc for the big day. I have been able to help with this program for the past several months by organizing and setting up and it has been a blast. From sorting through the many donations and witnessing all of the charity, to the best part helping girls find their perfect dress, it honestly made me want to do even more. It reminds me of the many things I tend to take for granted and the multitude of blessings the Lord has given me. I know for me personally, I so often get caught up in life I forget to show my thankfulness for what I have and I sometimes even overlook it. This is not because I am not grateful but rather because sometimes it takes a reality check to recognize how blessed we truly are. 

Today was that reality check for me, and because of the amazing God He is, it was the perfect timing too. Today was the day where we have students make an appointment to come up and try on dresses. It was so much fun to help these girls find what they were looking for and even more fun to see them all say "yes to the dress". I am so glad God puts opportunities like this in my path because it helps me to be more intentional with my life. He reminds me to do a better job of showing gratitude for what I have instead of dwelling in what or hope to have. When I am able to change my range of focus, I am so much happier and overall just feel better about who I am. Being content with what you have is definitely a blessing, turning away from jealousy and comparison although difficult will benefit your mental wellbeing tremendously. 

I also wanted to share another thing I am super excited for. Tonight I am volunteering for the Night To Shine Prom. This is an event founded by Tim Tebow that serves as a dance for people with special needs. I have been able to help past two years and it is something I look foward to each year. The past few times, I have been a encourager on the red carpet, so as the participants would come in, they would get to walk/pose/dance down the red carpet and we would be there to cheer them on. It is so sweet to see their faces light up and see so many people coming together to celebrate and have a good time. This year, I get to help with hair and makeup. Overall, this is a night to support and love on everyone there and I cannot wait to tell you all about it next update. 

You may be wondering why I am sharing these things with you today. The purpose behind it is to show you all the different ways in which I have found help me cope. Whether I am anxious, angry, scared, or just having a not so great day, I can 100% say my way of healing is through helping others. Just as Bounceback Beautifully has and continues to serve as my outlet for recovery, I will never turn down an opportunity in which I can be of encouragement to those around me. This may not be the case for everyone, but I do know helping others will make you feel better in the long run. So, I challenge you this week to do something for someone else. It may be small or it may be big, but whatever it is make sure to really evaluate how it makes you as well as the other person feel. Hope you have a great week and I look forward to next update.


Also, don't forget I am here for you. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help each of you with the trials you're going though. This could be talking to you on the phone, sending you an encouragement box, or even praying for you. Please never hesitate to reach out.

February 1, 2024

Can you believe it ? We are already a month into the new year. I hope everyone had a great week. I know it has been quite busy for me but as yall know, that is nothing new lol. I wanted to share something I recently wrote that I find to be super enlightening and I know for me, it opened my eyes to see the importance of knowing your core values. So, here it is...

     Core values… the engraved principles that guide me when making decisions, solving problems, and forming relationships with those around me. Transparency, compassion, and personal courage are three characteristics that define what, why, and how I am able to achieve and set goals in my life. I value these traits more than anything because I find that each of them have helped me establish my true self, determine my purpose in this world, and guide my passion to make a difference. Although my previous struggles with mental illness have been the most difficult battles I have faced thus far in life, I truly believe if it wasn't for the challenges I have faced, I would not be the individual that I am today. 


     Life is not promised to always be easy, calm, and untroubled. The reality is that every person goes through ups and downs in life. However, we find it is so much easier to showcase and express the peaks while leaving the valleys behind, when the truth is; those valleys are often what we learn the most from. I can remember the day of my anorexia diagnosis.  Being told I had a mental illness was something I immediately worried I would be judged for. Feelings of disappointment, isolation, and hopelessness filled me and it wasn't until someone shared the raw truth of their own past that I was able to feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggles. From that moment on, I found that being transparent is a quality that can change the direction of many lives. By not being ashamed but rather being open, honest and embracing your weaknesses, understanding and trust are built.  This benefits all parties while fostering strong emotional and mental well-being. 


     Compassion is another core value that I am able to put to use daily when helping those around me. By listening to others, being non- judgemental, and offering help, a bond is formed that is unbreakable. When multiple people can relate to difficult times, it creates a profound connection. A feeling of acceptance becomes mutual and encourages both parties to strive for success. This value hits so close to home for me in the sense that if it wasn't for the people who showed compassion for my family and I during our trials we may have never found the help I needed to recover. Being able to understand and walk through life with someone struggling is one of the most powerful gestures one can offer and something I strive to exhibit daily. 


     A final core value that I strive to demonstrate is personal courage. Having courage takes willingness to accept yourself for who you are and be willing to stand up for what you believe. Living in the world today, many of our opinions are judged or even shut down by society. No matter your stance, there will always be people who disagree with you. I find it extremely important to persevere in these cases.  When we do, it speaks a message to those listening and not only boosts your confidence but allows your thoughts to be considered. A couple years ago, I was invited to The University Of Georgia to speak on behalf of youth mental health at a National MENTOR summit. I was extremely nervous and intimidated being the only youth asked to speak on a panel of professionals; however, courage drove my passion. At the conclusion of the event, I cannot begin to count the amount of praise and commendation I got for being willing to speak in front of a roomful of adults. I then realized that opportunities both big and small can be frightening but, it is through courage and challenging experiences like this, that we grow and become thriving individuals.    

     In conclusion, I find that transparency, compassion, and personal courage are three of the utmost important principles I live by. I have identified not only how these values impact the choices I make, but also the actions I take to better myself and everyone around me. By practicing these core values, I have come to realize that my values dictate how I prioritize matters in addition to how I treat others. I fully believe that as a result of these values, I am able to strive harder to achieve the goals I have in life, all the while, becoming a better person. 

Now, what are your core values? I think we overlook this concept quite often but let's be real for a minute, what are three things you value most in life in terms of who you are? I know when I was first trying to think about mine, it was a little overwhelming. It was almost as if I started immediately thinking about the traits other people see in me, I could feel the devil using this as an opportunity to get to me. I started illing my mind with what I see to be my weaknesses; Perfectionism, self doubt, impatience. Why is it that insticualy we go right to the weaknesses rather than our strengths? I had to ask myself, what are the values you portray to benefit others and yourself? This is when I was able to see God has supplied me with such a wide array of core values that I didn't even know I had. It is truly amazing to take a step back and really analyze the way in which the Lord has and continues to use us. So, I ask again, what are your core values? 


January 25, 2024

Wow! It has been a hot minute since my last update. Between Christmas, the New Year, and lately having website issues, I have not had the opportunity to update in a while. I am so glad I finally got it back up and running and I am even more excited to share some amazing things with you all. First off, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know it is a super busy time of the year but I really pray that you were able to enjoy it, relax a little, and prepare for a fresh start. Now I cannot believe we are already almost a month into 2024 that blows my mind. This is big year for me, I am graduating in May, and starting a brand new journey in college come August. I would be lying to say I am not a little nervous but, that is expected. Starting anything new can be nerve racking and there is nothing wrong with that I must say though, I am way more excited than nervous. I really think am going to love the college life. Being independent (which I already am for the most part lol), meeting new people, forming a new routine (anxiety alert) , having an apartment, and kind of just beginning my "big girl" life. I can't wait to seewhat God has in store for this new year and although there are lots of unknowns, I fully trust that He is going to guide me right where I need to be. 

Just a little update on life for me, I was able to finish my last class of high school in December, so I am officially finished with all my credits. It is so weird not going to the high school anymore. I actually went for the first time this semester because we had the first S.T.A.N.D. Club (a mental health club I started three years ago) meeting of 2024 this morning. Since being able to finish early, it has opened the doors for me to get a head-start on college. I am currently taking four classes at WGTC in order to get my Certified Nursing Assistant License because, for those of you who don't know, my plan is to go to university and then transfer to Physicians Assistant School in hopes of becoming a pediatric PA. Getting into PA school requires volunteer hours and so by getting my CNA right now I will be able to make it to where I can get paid for those hours. I have been loving my classes because instead of them being focused on something like reading or math, it is centered around healthcare which is all super interesting to me. This course will take a little over 8 weeks and then I will be able to start working and if you cannot tell, I can't wait. 

Another exciting thing happening, I got asked to speak at a teen conference called Radiant on March 4th. Radiant is a big event that has happened the past three years and only gotten larger each year. I was honored to get to speak during the first ever women's conference back in 2021, so when they came to me and asked me to speak at the first ever Teen Radiant it was for sure a yes. I think it is going to be so cool for all of the young girls to be gathered together and just hear some raw truth and listen to how real our God is. 


Along those same lines, I was nominated this past month to be on the cover of the Carrollton Living Magazine. They are featuring my story on the cover for the month of March since it is mental health awareness month. This is such an honor and I cannot wait see how many more people get to hear my testimony through this opportunity.  Now, I certainly do not say all of this to brag in any way. I say all of this to let you all see how great our God is. If you would have asked me six years ago where I would be today, there is a good chance I would have told you I wouldn't be here. It amazes me every time I look back on how far the Lord has brought me not only as a person, but as a follower of Him. This most definitely isn't to say I don't have setbacks because that is a part of reality. But all of these moments serve as validation that Our Great God is at work, bringing us from our deepest darkest times to the highlights. Using my painful past to help others just beginning or currently facing their struggles.  I pray to God that you are able to read my testimony and find hope that the Lord is not done with you. In fact, He is just starting and He has so much good in store for your future. I pray that you trust His unwavering hand and allow Him to guide you every step of the journey. 

As you all know, I am always here for you no matter what time of day. Please never hesitate to reach out if you are in need of anything. A friend, a mentor, someone to talk to, advice, etc. You are Stronger Than You Think. Love you all!




November 3, 2023


Setting goals is the first step to success. 

It’s easy to set a goal, but it's another story to achieve it. I can go all day every day making and setting certain targets in life. Wanting to earn this award, making this sports team, having this many friends, we can name out all these objectives but the truth is, they don’t mean much unless we put action behind them. For example, I can have a dream of becoming a doctor, but if I don’t study, do my best, and take the necessary steps, chances are I probably won’t become a doctor. 


Three things to ask yourself in setting a goal and making it happen :

What do you want to do? 

  • Be detailed, don’t be afraid to give all the fine points. Pretend you’re talking to someone who is clueless, describe that goal to yourself in full extend, I mean if you really want it, we need to be familiar with all things encompassing this goal. 

Why is this goal important to you? 

  • What is it that urges your to set this goal? Is it a dream job, an inspirational person, or something else? 

How would achieving this goal benefit you?

  • Fast forward and let’s say you are to achieve this goal, what does it look like in the long run and how can you continue to use this experience in all you do? 

Write each of these three things down and post it somewhere you will see it everyday. For me, this can look like sticky notes on my computer, in my car, or on my bathroom mirror! 


Three key steps in achieving this goal: 

Find an accountability partner (A family member, friend, teacher, coworker, anyone who will help you through the rough patches and encourage you not to give up)

Give yourself an incentive (Put something ahead to look forward to. Maybe a special treat, a mini getaway, or even a movie night, anything that will be there when you need a little boost of motivation. 

Believe in yourself (This is easier said than done, but honestly, trust and have faith that you will accomplish it. You believe in others so why not believe in yourself? )

Don’t view your setbacks or slip ups change your goal, instead use them to drive you. (Life is full of unexpecteds, use these challenges to push you to work even harder towards your end goal.) 

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to our plan but I can promise you, in the end it will all work out for not only your good but more importantly the Lord’s glory. 


You all have the potential to become the best yourself, you’re not alone and we are all here cheering you on! Keep going and don’t give up! 

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