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November 3, 2023


Setting goals is the first step to success. 

It’s easy to set a goal, but it's another story to achieve it. I can go all day every day making and setting certain targets in life. Wanting to earn this award, making this sports team, having this many friends, we can name out all these objectives but the truth is, they don’t mean much unless we put action behind them. For example, I can have a dream of becoming a doctor, but if I don’t study, do my best, and take the necessary steps, chances are I probably won’t become a doctor. 


Three things to ask yourself in setting a goal and making it happen :

What do you want to do? 

  • Be detailed, don’t be afraid to give all the fine points. Pretend you’re talking to someone who is clueless, describe that goal to yourself in full extend, I mean if you really want it, we need to be familiar with all things encompassing this goal. 

Why is this goal important to you? 

  • What is it that urges your to set this goal? Is it a dream job, an inspirational person, or something else? 

How would achieving this goal benefit you?

  • Fast forward and let’s say you are to achieve this goal, what does it look like in the long run and how can you continue to use this experience in all you do? 

Write each of these three things down and post it somewhere you will see it everyday. For me, this can look like sticky notes on my computer, in my car, or on my bathroom mirror! 


Three key steps in achieving this goal: 

Find an accountability partner (A family member, friend, teacher, coworker, anyone who will help you through the rough patches and encourage you not to give up)

Give yourself an incentive (Put something ahead to look forward to. Maybe a special treat, a mini getaway, or even a movie night, anything that will be there when you need a little boost of motivation. 

Believe in yourself (This is easier said than done, but honestly, trust and have faith that you will accomplish it. You believe in others so why not believe in yourself? )

Don’t view your setbacks or slip ups change your goal, instead use them to drive you. (Life is full of unexpecteds, use these challenges to push you to work even harder towards your end goal.) 

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to our plan but I can promise you, in the end it will all work out for not only your good but more importantly the Lord’s glory. 


You all have the potential to become the best yourself, you’re not alone and we are all here cheering you on! Keep going and don’t give up! 

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